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Web Site Hosting

How much does it cost and what does it include?

Pricing and options vary greatly. Look around and you'll see that fees range anywhere from $0 for "free" hosting (with annoying banner or pop-up ads) to $50-$75 per month for basic hosting.

Our Web Site Hosting Services are designed for those businesses who want to advertise their company and services by establishing a presence on the World Wide Web.

Under a Web Hosting arrangement your Web pages are stored on our computers which are directly connected to the Internet. When an Internet user makes a request to see your pages, our computers transmit the appropriate data to that person's location.

Web Hosting Services include the following:

  • Space on our Web Server to store your Web pages,
  • Monthly traffic allowance (the amount of traffic to and from your Web Site),
  • Support for Interactive Forms (these are programs that elicit and process information obtained from people who access your Web Site... they are commonly referred to as CGI programs),
  • Usage reports to let you know how many times your Web Site is being accessed,
  • Start-up support from our staff to assist you in getting your Web Site up and running.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts, PHP & CGI Capable and much more!

Options and Pricing Web Site Hosting
  Option #1 Option #2
Monthly Cost
(if  paid monthly)
$23.95 $49.95
Monthly Cost
(if  paid yearly)
($240 yearly)
($500 yearly)
Server Space 200 MB 500 MB
Traffic Allowance
Per Month
6000 MB 12000 MB
Per 1000 MB of
Added Traffic
$3.00 $3.00
Support for
Interactive Forms
Included Included
Traffic Reports
for Web Site
Included Included
Setup Fee *$50.00 *$50.00
*Domain Name Acquisition or Transfer:
As part of the Setup Fee, Total Net NH will submit the required application and provide the necessary backup services so that you may acquire an exclusive domain name for your organization, or transfer a domain name that you already possess. (This does not include the cost of the actual domain name registration which is $25 per year--initial registration is for two years.)
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